About Peter van Bemmel

Peter van Bemmel is a retired geophysicist. He lives with Maaike Fuijkschot, his life’s companion of more than fifty years, and their Bichon Pepito in Pacific Grove, CA. He obtained a degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Delft in the Netherlands. He studied geophysics under O. Koefoed and practiced his profession in the Oil Industry until he retired in 2001.

He derived his understanding of cosmology from works by such luminaries as Steven Weinberg, Richard Feynman, Lawrence Krauss, Lisa Randall and George F. Smoot III. He developed his Snap Crackle Pop theory during his many walks by the sea and under spirited conversations with his wife, who received her degree in Physical Therapy from the Vrije University in Amsterdam.

Peter, his wife and two little daughters immigrated into the United States from Holland in 1970. After a decade long career at Chevron he and his wife founded Earth Technology Consultants, Inc. and Texas Seismic Corporation, service companies processing seismic data for exploration companies. He later joined Schlumberger where he headed a research group. He has nine patents to his name.
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